"Why do you like summer?”

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So if I asked you "Why do you like summer?

 you would answer

"There are three reasons: June, July, and August."


In my opinionj, all important things are standing on three whales. Summer`s whales are named Brightness, Youth and Love.


June is the month of brightness. June is bright like your favorite T-shirt, like your hair, dyed by your best friend with her cheap easy-wash paint during a sleepover party. June is bright like your future, like your plans, hopes, and wishes. June is bright and memories it lefts either.

June days are warm and full of sunshine. Look a bit more observative and you will see it in the air. Stretch your hand a bit further and you can touch it.   It smells like honey, like cotton candy, like newborn fire.

June days are long, but you are still not tired. June days are long, but you still have so much to see! And if the day isn`t enough for you, don’t be sad - there is a whole night ahead. June days are gorgeous, but nights are even better.

It never gets dark in summer. The night sky is full of festivals` fires and lights of human`s fairy dreams. They are floating around you, like thousands of small magnificent fireflies.

June nights are not created for sleeping. June nights are not created for being alone. So put on your favorite bright T-shirt and let's go.


July is the month of youth. It doesn't mean that only young people can enjoy it to the fullest, but that everyone can feel young, no matter he is six, sixteen or sixty.

Meet new people. Gather with old friends. Go on the car trip. Sit around the campfire and sing well-known songs. Remember, unexpectable adventures are always the most memorable. Gaze sunrises and sunsets from the roof of your house. You will never forget them, I promise.

Just have fun, OK?

Because you are young and silly. Because you are young and savage. Because you are young and happy. Because you are young and in love...


August is the month of love. You all have noticed that sweet couples, that are walking with their hands holding each other and making that sort of romantic things like boat trips across a small lake, right? No doubt, they are incredibly cute. But today I`m not talking about them.

It`s about you.

It`s always about you, whether you have a loved one or not. This August gives you an opportunity to fall in love, again and again, every day. To fall in love with the light sky and fluffy clouds, with soft grass and blooms and trees and singing birds... Yes, with that singing bird near your window, who always wakes you up at 7:30. So you are sleepy and grumpy, but you still love its voice, still share with it your morning sandwich, don`t you?

August makes you fall in love with the whole world and, finally, with yourself. Moreover, it makes you feel loved. By the light sky and fluffy clouds, by soft grass and bloom and trees... Oh, dear, even by that singing bird, that always wakes you up at 7:30. Its song is for you. This August is for you. This summer is for you.

You say, you like summer and it`s easy for me to understand why. You say you like summer, and I know it likes you back.

This summer left a few new freckles on your cheeks and a lot of warm memories in your heart. 

Решетуха Уляна, 11-А клас


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